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Sharing your special moments with a photo shoot

We live in a world where we have a camera in our pockets at all times and can capture every moment in a digital picture. However, how many of these pictures are poor quality, blurred or of poor composition? And how many do you print out and keep? We take hundreds of pictures a month but rarely look at them, and rarely print them for prosperity. A professional photoshoot to capture those special moments turns our daily photo taking with a smartphone completely on its head. What better way of celebrating an engagement, a new baby, a wedding, a new home, a new pet or simply Wednesday, than a photoshoot capturing that special moment for you and your family. It also has the added bonus that all family members will be included in the picture as normally one of them is behind the camera. Here at Imagine Contemporary Portraits, we have a custom studio space which can accommodate as many as 15 members of your family and your pets. So everyone really can be involved. Why not include your aunts from Tuscany or your uncles from Glasgow –why not make it an extended family shoot? How often are your entire […]

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Have you thought about including your pet in your family shoot?

A family photoshoot is an important event for your family. It captures your family exactly as it was at this moment in time. But often there is an important member of the family missing from these pictures. Your pet. In Britain our fur-babies are definitely part of the family so why not consider having them as part of the family photoshoot. Obviously, some pets are better – temperament wise – for a photoshoot with dogs being the most popular additions. But that is not to say your cat won’t pose quietly next to your guinea pig. Only you know the temperament of your pets. There are really no limits to what pets can have their moment in the spotlight; dogs, cats, horses, goats, snakes, iguanas, dagus or tortoises. When preparing your pet for the shoot make sure they are nicely groomed as that is not offered at the studio. If you have little outfits for your dog or cat, remember to bring them and make sure they are comfortable wearing them. A photoshoot, with new sounds, smells and people is not the time to introduce a brand new, possibly annoying outfit. That goes double for cats. Bring treats, familiar toys […]

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Why Newborn Photoshoots are so precious

New parents can quickly be caught up in how overwhelming having a new baby is. Before they realise it they no longer have a newborn; they have a toddler. Benefits of a Newborn Photoshoot Children grow up so fast so why not capture their introduction to the world with a newborn photoshoot. Newborn photoshoots capture those moments from birth to six-weeks. Once the baby arrives you get caught up in the day-to-day activities of being new parents so book before the baby arrives – either for yourself or as a gift for an expectant couple in your life. A newborn photoshoot captures those early days where you are getting to know your baby and your baby is getting to see the world. These are the memories that can fade over time. No doubt you are taking dozens of pictures of the new arrival on your smartphone but nothing beats a professional photographer, with specialised lighting and skills with newborn babies to produce beautiful prints you will want to keep and send to friends and family. Best Time Even within the six-week window of a newborn photoshoot, there is an optimum time. This is normally within the first two weeks. The […]

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Appreciate your pet with a photoshoot

When it comes to pets, many people see them as part of the family. This is why lots of people take photos of their pets, to cherish their loved ones even after they’ve departed. A photoshoot with your pet shows how much you appreciate them By arranging a photoshoot with your pet, you’re showing how much you admire and care about them by creating these visual memories. People love taking photos with their families and pets are no exception. What better way to show your appreciation than by involving your pet in a photoshoot that gives you a professional set of photos to cherish forever? Photoshoots are flexible If you’re thinking about a photoshoot for your pet, you may consider whether you want to capture your photos in a studio or outside. A studio photoshoot provides a cosy and professional set up for your pets to be photographed in but an outdoor environment adds to the sense of freedom and fun that you may wish to capture in your photos. A studio shoot offers a little more control over variables such as the weather and lighting compared to an outdoor photoshoot. Show your pets how much you care A photoshoot […]

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Why a family photo shoot can make a great present

Finding someone the perfect gift can often be a daunting task. We all want to give meaningful gifts as opposed to something just for the sake of it. If you know someone who enjoys experiences, a family photoshoot may be the perfect gift for them. Why is a family photoshoot the perfect gift? When you purchase a family photoshoot for someone, you are giving them the gift of memories, and the images of their family will be cherished for years to come. There are very few people who wouldn’t be excited at the prospect of a family photoshoot as a gift, even if they are just involved behind the scenes. A family photoshoot is also a great gift for new parents. Every parent wants pictures of their children to cherish, so a photoshoot that takes place once the baby is here is the perfect way to celebrate a new arrival. Another reason a family photoshoot is a good gift idea is because it’s not something many people would purchase for themselves – it’s a real luxury that will be truly appreciated. Photographs are priceless Photographs are personal and sentimental, and we all delight in revisiting past memories by flicking through […]

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The perfect family photo

Family photos can make for a cosy and loving addition to your home. Adorning walls with pictures of your children, siblings or other family members can be a wonderful way to create memories that last. No matter who is in the photos, you’ll love them, but how can you create the perfect family image that will take pride and place in your home? Clothes Having a clothing theme can make for a really great aesthetic. You don’t all have to wear the same, but selecting a palette of complementary colours can create a really great images. You’ll also need to decide on the style of your family photo. Is it dressed up or more relaxed? Reflect this in everyone’s style and it’ll create a wholesome set of images to be cherished. We have a spacious changing room so you can switch styles halfway through. Location Whether you’d like a studio shoot, outdoorsy photos or something more personal, your session will be special. Try to think of where you’ll be most comfortable and how it will come out. Take a look through our gallery for inspiration and talk with your photographer, so they can plan the places that could match your […]

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