Why you should have a Professional Couple Photoshoot

WHY A COUPLE PHOTOSHOOT SHOULD BE ON YOUR 2021 AGENDA  Whether you are about to purchase your first home together, or perhaps the kids are leaving the nest, or maybe you’re celebrating a big wedding anniversary, a couple photoshoot should be one of the first experiences you do with your loved one when lockdown restrictions are lifted. Keep reading to find out more about what you can get up to at your professional Couple Photoshoot, or if you can’t wait then you can check out our Couple Photoshoot Experience Gifts here.   WHY DO I NEED A COUPLE PHOTOSHOOT I HEAR YOU SAY? So much time is spent these days just getting the day-to-day life done, that it can sometimes be easy to forget what brought you two together in the first place. A couple photoshoot is a time to forget the mundane housework and kids homework. Instead take some time out for YOU BOTH to have some fun and interact with each other (rather than scrolling through your phone…we all do it!).   WHAT TO EXPECT FROM A COUPLE PHOTOSHOOT An couple photoshoot at Imagine Photography is a wonderful experience to share together. Enjoy the scenic drive through the […]

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The best family photography studio in Wiltshire

Here’s some things we like to think makes Imagine’s photography studio special…   WOW FACTOR SIZE     As a young photographer I freelanced at many portrait and makeover studios across the North. In my experience I found many family photography studios to be small white box rooms, with barely enough room to swing a cat. This is not the case here, in fact it’s often said the studio looks like the TV room from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory!   I’m proud to say my studio is the largest around and just a short drive from Swindon, Newbury, Andover & Devizes. We can easily host large groups of up to 25 and young ones can enjoy playing in the space, helping their personalities to shine.   The main space is all white with a classic scoop curve against the back wall. There’s under floor heating, air conditioning and large prop access to the courtyard, so even big boys toys like motorbikes and surfboards can take their turn infront of the lights.   NATURAL LIGHT     There’s floor to ceiling windows with shutters allowing us to work with the natural daylight, inside. This light is very kind to faces […]

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