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As a couple you want to go somewhere special, somewhere you can be sure you’ll be looked after, especially if you’re arranging this as a surprise. At Imagine this is our priority, so when you make some ‘together time’ and come over for your couple photoshoot, not only will you receive first class service, your pictures will be gorgeous, and every time you look at them you’ll get that warm fuzzy feeling, remembering how close and loved you felt in each other’s arms on the day.


Pets are always welcome at Imagine, so if you have a fur baby or two that will complete your photoshoot they can always come along for the ride. If you prefer they can even have their very own pets photoshoot. There’s wonderful walks to be had in the nearby Savernake Forest afterwards for the more active dogs too.


Maybe you are expecting a little one soon? A couple photoshoot is a great opportunity to show off your gorgeous bump before baby arrives. It’s a moment that we hear so many new mummies say they wish they had captured but never did. Once your beautiful newborn arrives, you can also book them in for their baby photoshoot which could be just of your new baby or all three of you.


Before you visit, take your chance to unleash your inner home design guru and think about where your pictures might go. Some couples choose to have a stand alone arty piece that completes their bedroom. Some like to design a special montage that adds some real wow factor to their living room. Whatever you're planning, we’ll be here to help so you can get that special ‘love your home’ feeling.

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Couple Photoshoot

Our photography team has a wealth of experience working with couples of all ages. We love it when you bring along things to personalise your portraits, as those images help tell your story and celebrate everyone’s wonderful individuality.


Examples that spring to mind are engagement rings, dancing shoes, martial arts gear and you’ll always make the photographers day if you bring along a puppy.


+ READ MORE about our unique portrait studio set in the heart of Savernake Forest.

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