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We’ve been here since 2004 and our family photoshoot studio is based in a lovely old barn conversion. The studio space has quite an impact on first glance and is surprisingly large, along with being kitted out with all the gear to keep the photographers creativity flowing.


Over the years we’ve created an outdoors studio area we like to call the Imagine garden, with classic farm textures we can use as backgrounds to capture a wonderful outdoor family photoshoot. There’s rambling roses, creeping ivy and scented jasmine along with colourful seasonal flowers. This is all set in a backdrop of rustic brickwork, paddocks overlooking Savernake Forest and a scattering of weathered wooden benches.


With all this at our disposal we love to capture natural family moments, so if you’re thinking of adding some wow factor to your home décor, you’ll be coming to the right place. Whether you’re thinking of a stand out single family picture or a framed montage that celebrates your whole family, we’ll be here to help create your happy place.


All are welcome at Imagine, whether you’re wanting to bring the whole family or just have a photoshoot of your baby. We also love having pets at our studio, so the choice is there to have them to take part in your family photoshoot. Or maybe you would like them to feature in their very own pets photoshoot to let them get all the attention!

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Our photography team has a wealth of experience working with families and children of all sizes, ages and needs. We love it when you bring along things to personalise your portraits, as those images become so unique and not only capture moments in time, but tie together all the warm memories and stories associated with what you add in to your photos.


For example some favourites that spring to mind are a yellow armchair a grandma sat in with all her family cuddled in around her, some twirling dancing ribbons two young sisters had a blast with partying in the studio and full Spurs football strips two likely lads looked just the part in. To see more ideas with how to get the best out of your photoshoot see our blog post.


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