How to get the best from your baby photoshoot

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How to get the best from your baby photoshoot

You don’t really understand what it is to be a parent until suddenly you are one and this lovely little thing is staring back at you with those big wonderful eyes. It’s hard to put in words how much you love them, even if they decide to poo in the bath and then proceed to be sick on you! You love this little thing with every fibre of your body and seeing their smile warms your heart.


It doesn’t matter what age your baby is when you visit Imagine Photography, what’s important is to make a little time to have some professional pictures taken, then put them up on the wall to enjoy everyday, rather than swiping through countless pictures on a phone that are soon forgotten.






We’re open Tuesday through to Saturday, with some limited Sundays, so there’s bound to be a time that’ll be great for you all. If you would like to see our availability check our online diary. Try to pick at time that works in their routine, so they arrive after a nap, rather than getting towards the start of nap time.


I’d also recommend checking your travel time to our photography studio, our satnav postcode is SN8 3BQ. If your baby likes to sleep in the car, maybe set off 15 minutes early so they can snooze on the way. They can always have a feed and change in our studio reception before we start.




Bring along all the usual stuff you pack in the bag for going out – spare outfit, bibs, Bonjela, milk and snacks etc.





Have a look through our baby photography portfolio and on Pinterest for some picture styles you may love to try out. And for those creative types out there, you can always make a mood board to show your photographer before your session starts if you have a specific brief in mind.



We have loads of soft textures that add interest to images, but to get the best from your baby photoshoot we recommend bringing your own things to use in the pictures. This is your chance to be creative too so don’t waste it! The props won’t take over the whole session, they just add a little magic.

For some personal background colours, bring along a pram blanket or patchwork blanket for baby to lie on.

With outfits & accessories – have a little variety, onesies are great because they don’t bunch up at all. Dungarees can be problematic with the straps flapping about. Add a bit of special styling with cute accessories like little sneakers and let them rock that cute headscarf or chunky knit bobble hat.

What else … take a moment to think what your baby enjoys interacting with the most? Colourful stacking cups, sensory toys, musical toys, or pop up books often get good reactions.

It’s also worth considering if there’s something of yours you could use to style baby’s pictures. Over the years we’ve had a baby posing on a surf board, used Mum’s scarf and sunglasses, had a baby sat in a policeman’s hat and a baby stuffed in a military back pack!



Your photographer will love engaging and playing with your baby and often they think we’re hilarious. We’re no substitute for you though, you’re their favourite person in the world and always the best at getting smiles.


What really gets them giggling? Think about the silly songs or nursery rhymes you sing to them or the games you play and let your photographer know. Please don’t feel embarrassed about any of it. Currently I make my baby laugh by doing a Charley the cat impression and pretending to bite his leg (shout out to the Mum’s and Dad’s born in the 70’s)





You can always call before you come over if you’d like to discuss any details or ask any questions of your photographer. We’re on 01672870333. To buy a baby photoshoot package at Imagine Photography Studio see our online shop for the photography experiences available.


I’ve been a pro photographer and worked with babies for over 17 years, when my own family started it really gave me a fresh perspective and how it feels to be on the other side of the lens and how important those pictures are to us.


At the time of writing this, my boy’s nine months old and I hope he’s still up when I get home from work. There’s maybe a chance of a quick cuddle before bed, I can see the look of joy on his face as I scoop him up, feel his tight grip on my neck and smell his just washed hair. In a moment he’ll be rubbing his eyes and burying his face in my shoulder, I’ll lay him in his cot then he’ll flop Mr Bunny on his head and drift off as I close the door.


It’s in these everyday moments you realise your world is complete.



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