Sharing special moments with a photoshoot

Sharing special moments with a photoshoot

We live in a world where we have a camera in our pockets at all times and can capture every moment in a digital picture.

However, how many of these pictures are poor quality, blurred or of poor composition?

And how many do you print out and keep?

We take hundreds of pictures a month but rarely look at them, and rarely print them for prosperity.

A professional photoshoot to capture those special moments turns our daily photo taking with a smartphone completely on its head.

What better way of celebrating an engagement, a new baby, a wedding, a new home, a new pet or simply Wednesday, than a photoshoot capturing that special moment for you and your family.

It also has the added bonus that all family members will be included in the picture as normally one of them is behind the camera.

Here at Imagine Contemporary Portraits, we have a custom studio space which can accommodate as many as 15 members of your family and your pets. So everyone really can be involved. Why not include your aunts from Tuscany or your uncles from Glasgow –why not make it an extended family shoot? How often are your entire family all together in one room?

After your professional shoot, you will have a series of beautiful, professional, well-lit and beautifully composed photographs for you to remember that special day. You can frame them and have them pride of place on your wall or send them to relatives as gifts.

Coming to the studio will also be a fun, enjoyable experience for the whole family and at Imagine Contemporary Portraits we pride ourselves on creating natural and creative shots which tell the story of the family. Contact us today to arrange your shoot!
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