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How to get the best from your baby photoshoot

You don’t really understand what it is to be a parent until suddenly you are one and this lovely little thing is staring back at you with those big wonderful eyes. It’s hard to put in words how much you love them, even if they decide to poo in the bath and then proceed to be sick on you! You love this little thing with every fibre of your body and seeing their smile warms your heart.   It doesn’t matter what age your baby is when you visit Imagine Photography, what’s important is to make a little time to have some professional pictures taken, then put them up on the wall to enjoy everyday, rather than swiping through countless pictures on a phone that are soon forgotten.     ALL  ABOUT  THE  TIMING   View this post on Instagram A post shared by Imagine Photography (@imaginephotographywiltshire)   We’re open Tuesday through to Saturday, with some limited Sundays, so there’s bound to be a time that’ll be great for you all. If you would like to see our availability check our online diary. Try to pick at time that works in their routine, so they arrive after a nap, rather […]

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